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AB 506 requires all Employees, Registered Adult Volunteers, and Regular Volunteers (age 18 or older) who have more than 16 hours a month (or 32 hours per year) of contact with a youth to complete a Live Scan background check (the digital version of inked fingerprinting). Please ensure that you take a valid government issued ID such as a driver’s license, state/government ID card, or passport.

Due to the change in legislation, all background checks previously conducted by the BSA no longer comply with the new mandates of AB 506. This means that all staff and volunteers will have to complete the new Live Scan background check process. With the introduction of Live Scan background checks, all volunteers will only have to complete their Live Scan background check once.

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Volunteers and staff must be registered members of the BSA. 

• All Employees, Registered Adult Volunteers, and Regular Volunteer positions identified as requiring training shall complete California-mandated training (2 hours) beginning January 1, 2022. The training is available at

Regular Volunteer means a volunteer with the BSA who is 18 years of age or older and who has direct contact with, or supervision of, children more than 16 hours per month or 32 hours per year.

NOTE: This training is in addition to BSA Youth Protection Training.

• Upload your state Mandated Reporter Training Certificate to your Council. Click on your Council’s link below.
• Upload the Background Check Consent Form (CLICK HERE to Download) to your council.  Click on your council’s link below.
• Unsure of your Council? Links to your Council’s upload portal can be found here: CLICK HERE

Option 1 (no paperwork)
• Complete the transaction by visiting and click on button representing your Council.
• Each individual must pay online a fixed fingerprint rolling fee of $26 and FBI background check fee ($17)

Option 2 (must complete and bring Live Scan form)
• Fill out the Request for Live Scan Service form below.
• Find the Live Scan site nearest you
• Bring the complete Request for Live Scan Service form to a service provider. It is critical that you use your Council’s Live Scan form, as it includes your Council’s routing information for your background check.
• Each individual must pay a fingerprint rolling fee ($20 – $40) and FBI background check fee ($17) to the Live Scan service provider.

Thank you for completing this important process. Together, we are providing a safe Scouting program for thousands of youth across California.

Links to your Council’s upload portal can be found here:

Crater Lake Council
Central Point, OR

Golden Empire
Sacramento, CA

Golden Gate Area
Pleasanton, CA

Greater Los Angeles Area
Los Angeles, CA

Greater Yosemite
Modesto, CA

Long Beach Area
Long Beach, CA

Los Padres
Santa Barbara, CA

San Rafael, CA

Orange County
Santa Ana, CA

Pacific Skyline
Foster City, CA

Piedmont, CA

Redwood Empire
Santa Rosa, CA

San Diego-Imperial
San Diego, CA

Fresno, CA

Southern Sierra
Bakersfield, CA

Ventura County
Camarillo, CA

Verdugo Hills
Glendale, CA